If you’re entering into collaboration with business partners, such as to develop a product or service or to form a musical band, your agreement would typically begin with outlining each person’s responsibilities and expected contributions to the project. Read More »

Though not required, preparing a preliminary financial affidavit in a Collaborative Divorce matter can be helpful to both the client and the attorney and becomes the footprint for the initial session with the Neutral Financial Professional.Read More »

Goodwill is defined by the Internal Revenue Service as “the value of a trade or business based on expected continued customer patronage due to its name, reputation, or any other factor.”Read More »

When you picture your accountant do you think dull, unimaginative, conservative and lifeless? Most people picture their accountant sitting behind his or her desk, bank statements, tax returns and other records stacked high, punching away at their calculator.Read More »

Buy-sell agreements are usually prepared with the good intention of avoiding conflict and making certain decisions for the future, at a time when the parties are either first beginning their venture or are at a point at which there is no discord between themRead More »