Edward Sachs CPA/ABV CFF

The financial aspects of divorce pose an important obstacle to couples going through dissolution proceedings. Financial Mediation provides an opportunity to get the numbers on the table, identify areas of agreement and to zero in on potential areas of dispute outside of an adversarial setting.

Financial Mediation provides you with the two things you may need most to reach an agreement with your spouse regarding your divorce settlement.

Financial insight and understanding, not only of the issues you face now, but also the foreseeable issues you may face in the future because of what you agree to at this time, are critical. If you are negotiating the division of property and assets, all of which have value, it makes perfect sense that you understand all there is to know about those values. And likely future values. This settlement will shape the rest of your financial life.

Having a financial mediator, who understands the financial subject matter, and can illustrate the long and short-term outcomes of what is being considered, provides two benefits from one professional.
No advice is provided to either you or your spouse during a financial mediation. As a financial mediator, I will simply show both of you the impact, upon each of you, of the various possible settlement conditions you are considering. That is informed decision making.

Together we will work to achieve as much of each parties’ goals as possible. My objective is a win-win solution for both parties.